Bible Classes

The Brentwood church offers a wide range of classes for all ages. We have two regularly scheduled Bible studies during the week:

  • Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M.
  • Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M.

2020 Spring Adult Classes

  • The Gospel of Matthew – Auditorium
  • The Book of Hebrews – Room 17
  • The Book of Jeremiah – Room 18

Young Adult and Children’s Classes

  • High school and Middle school classes
  • The Elementary and Preschool classes strive to teach basic Bible principles in a nurturing, activity-based setting. All classes at this level are involved in a three-year systematic study that covers the entire Bible. THe curriculum was developed by memebers of the Brentwood church and is taught at an age-appropriate level with lots of activities!
    • Nursery
    • Age 2, 3, 4, 5
    • Kindergarten
    • Grades 1-2
    • Grades 3-4
    • Grades 5-6

Community Studies

Members of the Brentwood church, along with other local Christians, regularly gathering outside of our worship services to study God’s word together. Community studies are a great way to connect deeper with other Christians and search the scriptures together. Groups gather throughout the Brentwood/Franklin area and would love to have your join!

2020 Spring studies

The Gospel of Luke – Franklin
The community Bible study on Luke meets on Sunday evenings at 7:00 at the Starbucks on Carothers Parkway and Liberty Pike in Franklin. Contact Steve Schrieber for more details.

Corinthians – Brentwood
A men’s group regularly meets at Panera Bread in Brentwood on Thursday mornings at 6:00. The current study is on I&II Corinthians. Contact Ryan Firm for more details.

Phillippians & Colossians – Franklin
A ladies’ group studying Philippians and Colossians meets in the Franklin area on Thursday morning at 9:30. Contact Lauren Sullivan for more details

Courageous Living – Brentwood
A group discussion on  “Courageous Living” meets on Fridays at 10:00 at our church building. Contact Steven Cuffle for more details.

The Gospel of Mark – Franklin
A study of Mark meets on Friday afternoons at 1:30 at Fountains of Franklin (300 Celebration Circle, Franklin). Contact Steven Cufffle for more details.

Questions – Brentwood/Franklin
A group discussion focused on answering some of the groups Bible questions gathers reguarly on Friday evenings at 7:00pm in the Brentwood/Franklin area. Contact Steven Cuffle for more details.

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