Have you ever wondered what the Bible is all about? Do you know many Bible stories but do not know how they all fit together? Have you been wanting to know more about the Bible but are afraid the task of learning would overwhelm you?

We offer various studies in which you can learn more about the Bible:

One Hour Personalized Bible Study: In just one hour you can change your ability to read and study the Bible for yourself. This study will fit all the “puzzle pieces” together and answer those tough questions to which you have always wanted the answer. No matter your knowledge level, this study is guaranteed to change your understanding of God’s word forever. This free study can be in your home or at the building at your convenience.

Study Online: Just click on “Sermons” and you can begin learning things that you have never learned before. We have also answered some “Commonly Asked Questions” about God and the Bible.

Remember, all studies are free and require no further obligation. Why not get started today!

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