“I, the Lord God, have called you in righteousness, and I will hold fast onto your hand and strengthen you and make you a covenant for the nation to open the eyes of the blind, to lead those who are bound out from their chains, and those seated in darkness out of prison.”

Jesus quoted from this passage as he began his ministry. He performed many different miracles as evidence that the “kingdom of God had come upon the people.” The undeniable power of these signs proved his message: He was the Messiah and he had come to reign as Lord of Lords. The power of Jesus’ miracles leave us with only three options: we can dismiss them, claim they were demonic in origin, or admit that Jesus was who he claimed to be, the divine Son of God.

John recorded the signs Jesus performed so that we could “believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing we can have life in his name.” In our 2021 Summer Series this year, the Brentwood Church will be focusing on Jesus’ miracles. When we see the might wonders Jesus performed, we, too, are left the with the same choice. Will we receive or reject Jesus? If we believe, then we too are set free from the bondage of sin and our spiritual blindness is cured and the miracles of Jesus are still doing their work.

Join us Wednesday’s throughout the summer at 7pm as speakers from across the country bring us a message from one of Jesus’ miracles. At this time, masks are required to enter the building but may be removed once you’re seated in the auditorium.

Lesson 1 – Miracle of Miracles

Paul Earnhart takes us back to the miraculous circumstances that surrounded Jesus’ birth and sets the stage for the miracles we’ll explore this summer.


Lesson 2 – Multitude of Fish

Douglas Broadwell


Lesson 3 – Touched by Jesus

Josh Creel


Lesson 4 – A Journey with Jesus

Max Dawson


Lesson 5 – Come Out

Ben Hall


Lesson 6 – I Was Blind but Now I See

Shane Scott


Lesson 7 – Such Great Faith

Marty Broadwell


Lesson 8 – Lord Save Me

Adam Olson


Lesson 9 – A Wedding Feast

Don Truex


Lesson 10 – The Gathering

Wilson Adams


Lesson 11 – Tribute From a Fish

Mitch Stevens


Lesson 12 – Jesus Wept

Reuben Prevost


Lesson 13 – He Arose

Gardner Hall