We are excited about resuming the in-person study of the word of God on Sunday, April 11 as we assemble to worship. Classes for adults and children ages three and up will meet at 9:00, and then we will continue our worship with an assembly at 10:00. We hope that you can join us in-person, but, if not, both the assembly and the adult class will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.
More information about our classes:
  • Children’s classes will initially be available to children ages 3 and up. All classes will be upstairs. Deacons will be in place to help direct everyone to the correct room.
    • The age groupings will be as follows:
      • 3-5 years old – Room 21
      • Grades 1-3 – Room 23
      • Grades 4-6 – Room 25
      • Grades 7-12 – Room 24
    • For this first phase of classes, we ask that these age groupings be strictly observed. The deacons have planned carefully for the most workable groupings of our children, and we hope to have classroom situations that work for both teachers and children. This is a wider range of ages than our normal class structure, but we want to keep it as manageable as possible. We hope that classes for the youngest children will be able to restart in the near future. But for now, ages 0-2 will stay with parents in the auditorium class.
    • A note for parents who are bringing kids to classes: It will be our goal to not have to take kids out of classes during the 40-minute session, unless there’s an emergency. Please try to arrive no later than 8:40 to the building to ensure that the young children are able to use the restroom before classes. Arriving early will allow for our restrooms to be used in the safest way possible. The goal is to avoid having dozens of children needing to go in there at once, right before classes start.
    • At the conclusion of class, teachers will lead their students back to the auditorium, where they will help the children find their parents. Parents, please stay in the auditorium and wait for your children to come to you.
  • Adult class will be in the auditorium and will continue our study of the gospel of John. The Sunday afternoon Zoom class will be discontinued.
Other notes:
  • Children and adults are expected to wear masks throughout the entirety of the class period for the safety of both the children and for the teachers/helpers.  Hand sanitizer and disposable masks are available for anyone who may need these. In addition to this safety measure, the classrooms have been selected / arranged based upon their available square footage, air ventilation, and so teachers and students can maintain social distancing.  The elders wish to make this restart of classes safe and thoughtful, so we appreciate the cooperation of parents and students in working within these safety measures.
This represents our first phase of classes. As conditions improve and we see how this phase goes, we will take additional steps toward a more normal set of classes.