Leadership Weekend

Leadership Weekend

Friday, March 24 - Sunday, March 26
Special Guest: Max Dawson

Wise leadership plays a crucial role in providing guidance and direction to a congregation. As Proverbs 11:4 states, "where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety." In other words, without good counsel, we won't make it far. We need an abundance of Godly leaders filled with God's Spirit and word working together to guide God's people towards righteousness. However, leaders don't just appear out of thin air.

Join us March 25th and 26th as we work to grow the next generation of Godly leaders at our Leadership Weekend with Special Guest, Max Dawson, as he covers the following topics:

Saturday, March 25 - Mens Leadership day
"The Biblical Model of Leadership"

- Morning Session (10am-Noon)
- Lunch provided (Noon-1pm)
- Afternoon Session (1-3pm)
Location: Tom Hatch's home

Sunday, March 26 - Sunday Worship Sessions
"Surviving & Thriving in the 21st Century"
- Church Leadership (9am auditorium)
- Lesson by Max Dawson (10am auditorium)
- Afternoon session (2pm)
Location: Brentwood Church Building (208 Granny White Pike, Brentwood, TN )