2022 Summer Series - Wednesdays at 7pm

2022 Summer Series - Wednesdays at 7pm

We love because God first loved us."
1 JOHN 4:19

God created everything in the beginning, even human relationships. When the Lord brought the man and woman together in the Garden of Eden, He created the first family. Throughout Scripture, God has been instructing and showing us how He intended for that family to exist together in love and harmony.

Since then, sin came into the world and ravaged the whole creation, including human relationships. Where there was harmony and love, now arguments, hate, selfishness, hurtfulness, and a host of other terrible things have taken root. Jesus came to earth to redeem us from the curse of sin, to show us a better and more beautiful way to live: to restore things back to the garden. Jesus showed us God’s love and compassion, calling on us to walk a similar path. As we learn to love like Jesus, we can restore love, peace, harmony, happiness to our lives, relationships, homes - and grow great families. 


Week 1 (6/1) - Marty Broadwell (Atlanta, GA) "The most important place"


Week 2 (6/8) - Josh Creel (Tampa, FL) "A thing called love"


Week 3 (6/15) - Kevin Hyde (Jacksonville, FL) "What name do you answer to?"


Week 4 (6/22) - Mitch Stevens (Dickson, TN) "A family tune up"

Week 5 (6/29) - Reuben Prevost (Houston, TX) "The law of your mother"

Week 6 (7/6) - David Lanphear (Bowling Green, KY) "Oh yes, he cares"

Week 7 (7/13) VBS - Josh Lewis (San Francisco, CA) "Heroes of the Bible"

Week 8 (7/20) - Jeff Trahan (Port Arthur, TX) "What the world needs now"

Week 9 (7/27) - Max Dawson (Houston, TX) "Till debt do us part"

Week 10 (8/3) - Shane Scott (Tampa, FL) "Tough times"

Week 11 (8/10) - Don Truex (Tampa, FL) "Honoring your parents"

Week 12 (8/17) - Bubba Garner (TX) "A special gift from God"

Week 13 (8/24) - Marty Broadwell (Atlanta, GA) "Breaking a cycle"

Week 14 (8/31) - Wilson Adams (Murfreesboro, TN) "You'll never retire"