Our adult classes

Our adult classes

Throughout the year, the Brentwood church offers a variety of bible classes designed for adults.  The key to these offerings is balance; a balanced mix of Old and New Testament textual studies along with topical studies that address a variety of contemporary issues and challenges.  We are blessed with an array of talented teachers; who have spent years studying the Scriptures and developing the skills necessary to teach Biblical truth and provide practical, daily applications.

Currently we have three ongoing adult classes meeting when we gather together in our building on Sunday and Wednesdays. Each class is geared to encourage open conversation that causes us to dive deep into scripture where we can grow together.


Sundays at 9am / Wednesdays at 7pm

The Gospel of John - Auditorium

Dive into the profound depths of faith with the Gospel of John! This timeless scripture illuminates the life of Jesus Christ, emphasizing his divinity and teachings. From miraculous signs to poignant conversations, it's a spiritual journey that unveils the essence of love, light, and eternal life. Explore the Gospel of John and embrace the transformative power of faith!

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The Book of Job - Classroom 17 (Hallway wing)

Experience the enduring tale of resilience and faith in the Book of Job! This ancient scripture delves into the profound questions of human suffering and divine justice. Job's unwavering faith amidst trials teaches us the strength in adversity and the importance of trusting the divine plan. A story of perseverance, hope, and the unwavering spirit in the face of challenges.

The Gospel of Matthew - Classroom 18 (Hallway wing) - Young Adult (Ages 19-30ish)

Embark on a transformative journey through the Gospel of Matthew! This gospel paints a vivid portrait of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, revealing his teachings, miracles, and unwavering compassion. From the Sermon on the Mount to powerful parables, it's a profound exploration of faith, love, and righteousness. Discover the essence of Christianity and the call to live a life guided by compassion and grace.


Previous classes

The parables of Jesus, are timeless stories that convey profound spiritual and moral lessons. These powerful narratives use everyday scenarios to teach us about God's kingdom, human nature, and how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. In this series, we will explore a series of lessons derived from these parables, providing guidance and inspiration for our own spiritual journeys. Follow along on Facebook


Over the summer we gathered together to discuss a series topics centered on Christian Living. This was an extension of our 2022 theme - Everyday Disciples  - exploring what it means to be like Jesus in everyday life.

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In this class we are seeking to understand how important prayer is to God and to his people.
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